About Us


Immoodie Custom Tees & Decals is a home based online store based out of beautiful south Orlando, Florida. We specialize in making customized apparels and decals for every individual’s mood or event taking place in their lives. Each item is handmade custom to the customers liking with the use of state of the art heat transfer vinyl, a vinyl cutter and a heat press machine.

We offer a wide variety of products in the custom tees department such as onesies, tank tops, T-shirts (various types) and hoodies etc. As for decals, we offer window vinyl decals for cars or store front signage. We also offer wall decals which can be used to decorate your children’s bedroom walls or doors. Why stop there. Decals can also be used on a variety of products to add personalization to your item such as books, laptops, front doors or even your mail box. The creativity never ends when it comes to ideas and applications.

Have an event coming up such as a wedding, field trip, anniversary or family reunion? What about a child that plays sports, a friend graduating from college or a brother getting that job he always wanted? Immoodie Custom Tees and Decals allows you to show your support of such individuals. Our items are very affordable; they are professionally made and are available to you in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We also offer flat rate shipping to cities within the United States.This has set us apart from our competitors.

I started this company because I have come to realize the world lacks creativity. Too many people are doing, saying and wearing what everyone else is. Our minds have become complacent. I have decided to become my own individual recently, and in doing so, I have decided to trust and use my creativity and put MY ideas to use by designing unique clothing and accessories for people in need of that individual representation. I have decided to dig deep into my mind and wear clothing that represents ME in how I’m feeling and what I am thinking (hence the name I’m Moodie). To me, there is no greater feeling than wearing a piece of clothing with an idea that came from ME. I would like to play a role in allowing you to wear clothing with ideas that came from you as well. If you think outside the box, chances are you will be the only one wearing that shirt, hence becoming your own individual.

Please join us in representing SELF. Let’s be CREATIVE and more EXPRESSIVE. Let’s wear what we want to wear and show support to our loved ones by giving them that personalized gift that touches the heart.

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have!! If you have an idea (original or borrowed), we can make it a reality. We hope you like our products and we look forward to hearing from you.